UX Research + Strategy Consultant

Advocate for inclusive & ethical design research

"I’m making explorations. I don’t know where they’re going to take me. My work is designed for the pragmatic purpose of trying to understand our technological environment and its psychic and social consequences." 
- Marshall McLuhan

I am a Curious Human, a Researcher, a Strategist, a Systems Thinker, an Educator, an Anthropologist, a Life Long Learner, and more. 
I believe in Human Potential, and I believe that design enables this potential to be realized. Design is the process of creating a reality; it's creating the systems, products and services through which we live.
But, in order to design realities that support human life & well-being, we must first be curious, ask a lot of questions, observe and listen; in other words, we must research. 
I also care deeply about considering the impact we have with our creations, actions, conversations and intentions.