Part 1: DAPL Education Product (In Progress)

Raising awareness around the Civil & Human Rights violations happening at the Dakota Access Pipeline.


In November 2016 I visited the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, and witnessed first hand the oppressive actions by Federal, State and Local government against American Indians.
Before I went up there I did a host of supplementary research on how the pipeline came into being. I got to understand what level of government was responsible for allowing the pipeline across each state, what laws are in place that allow the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to bypass tribal consultation and the history of the Great Sioux Reservation being 'legally' diminished by the U.S. Government. (Below is the beginning of a timeline I created, full timeline not shown.)
Through interviews I discovered is that majority of the people I spoke with on a daily basis were either unaware or misinformed about the narrative of the Pipeline & the American Indians. I started speaking with everyone I possibly could about DAPL; Uber drivers, people at the bar, friends and family, etc. 
What I realized was that accurate information about the facts of DAPL & Standing Rock was only circulating amongst people who were either:
1. A part of the movement
2. Already engaged in American Indian rights, environmental issues or pipeline protests
3. Following independent news sources such as Al Jazeera+ & The Young Turks  

With this information I created a strategy to raise awareness in untapped networks of people called: Meet Them Where They Are.
Through some testing of the strategy above I found out that spreading information on foot is not sustainable. To reach many people, and truly meet them where they are we must use the technology at our fingertips. I am in the process of designing an interactive digital product to educate people on DAPL.
(Below is the initial brainstorming behind this product.) 

Stay tuned for updates.

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