Photographs by Jen Byers.
It is well established that by engaging the perspectives of users through a variety of methods, businesses are able to create or modify experiences that hold greater value for their users - and in doing so, the business, hopefully, increases its own financial value, which is what it needs to do to survive.
This might seem like an obvious statement, a simplistic description of how our world works - but Value, a huge part of this exchange, is not so straight forward - It’s complex and complicated. What is considered of value differs from person to person, and because it often strongly influences individual & group behavior, what we value has an impact on the world around us.
Again, pretty obvious. But what’s not so obvious, is how the process of classifying whose perspective is valuable and whose isn’t within capitalistic constraints, is hurting people our planet. I’m here today to illustrate why in our highly complex, globalized world there’s a huge problem with the way we’re thinking of Value, and how we as business anthropologists can be a part of the solution.